ISIS responds to Supreme Court Ruling by murdering 4 gay men (video)

By Faye Higbee

ISIS posted a video showing the murders of 4 gay men the same day as the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all 50 states. It has become an Islamic State practice to lure gays by telling them they will get a “date,” seizing them, and throwing them off the roofs of buildings to their deaths. If they do not die, then they are stoned to death by the hundreds of people who watch the gruesome executions.

ISIS’ strict interpretation of the Qur’an demands that gays be executed- in some historical reports a grisly two-step execution is ordered, first by throwing off a high building and next by stoning if they are not dead.


A gay man has been thrown off the building to his death. photo via Mirror UK

From the “Religion of Peace” website:

“Mohammed’s first successor Abu Bakr reportedly had a homosexual burned at the stake. The fourth caliph, Mohammed’s son-in-law Ali, ordered a sodomite thrown from the minaret of a mosque. Others he ordered to be stoned. One of the earliest and most authoritative commentators on the Koran, Ibn ‘Abbas (died 687) blended both approaches into a two-step execution in which “the sodomite should be thrown from the highest building in the town and then stoned.”

The Qur’an and the Hadith both say that the punishment for homosexuals is death.

isis execution 4

More Gay men are thrown from a high building

Why do liberals support Islam when this is the way they treat homosexuals?

Why, then do liberals placate, justify, appease, and in general kiss up to Islam when their practices are so evil and abhorrent? Saudi Arabia has executed many gays, as have ISIS and Iran.

You don’t see Christians killing gays unless it’s some nutjob, (few and far between), even though we disagree with their lifestyle. Yet over the last several years, we have become the monsters that everyone wants to exterminate.