ISIS Executions – an escalating killing machine

By Faye Higbee

The Islamic State released a 7 minute video that revealed a serious escalation in their brutal punishments. The ISIS executions are allegedly for spying, but could be anything. The torture of prisoners seems to show off a “flair” for murder in the most vile sense.

The video was divided into three sections:

First Section

Five men are led to an Opel car that is sitting in the hot desert sun. They are handcuffed in the vehicle and sit there for a few minutes. Then a grenade launcher is fired at the car from close range, causing the car to burst into flames.The camera then watched the men burn to death inside the vehicle.

 ISIS executions

An RPG is fired into a car from close range

Second Section:

Five men are handcuffed inside a cage, then let down into a swimming pool. The cage is lowered into the pool until the men are completely submerged. The camera then cuts to an underwater view where it shows the men struggle to breathe as they drown. The cage is only brought up after the men are dead.


A cage is lowered into a swimming pool where the men drown

Third Section:

7 men are led into the desert, where explosives cables are tied around each of their necks. A few seconds later, the explosives are detonated, immediately decapitating all of the men at once. The camera caught it all in gory detail.


Explosives cords are placed around these men’s necks and detonated.

In between the sections, are interviews with the “suspects” who admit to their “crimes” and tell the world how the Islamic State has treated them. Then they are murdered in sheer brutality with HD cameras watching closely.

The video was released by the ISIS Nineveh branch, which is based out of Mosul.

Has ISIS grown bored? Are they just escalating to a higher level of murder? It seems similar to a drug addiction- the need for more increases with time. The more death, the more blood, the more torture and suffering they can release on people…that’s an addiction to killing much like a serial killer. Only these killers are an organized group.