IRGC Members and the Assassination Plots Against Pompeo and Bolton

Faye Higbee
irgc members

IRGC members are plotting to kill former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former National Security adviser Bolton. Security for Pompeo was increased in 2020, and security for John Bolton was increased in 2021. But though there is “indictable evidence” against the IRGC members who have attempted to recruit an assassin, the Biden administration wants the new nuclear deal so hasn’t taken the steps to bring formal charges. Plans to assassinate former US officials by a foreign power on our soil is an act of war.

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As Forbes reported on Jan. 28, the deployment of a Secret Service presence in Bolton’s D.C. suburban neighborhood sparked attention from his neighbors. Bolton still has a Secret Service detail. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, four active and former government officials with knowledge of the most recent intelligence backdrop confirmed that Iranian threats against Bolton and Pompeo are continuing, specific, and highly credible.

The Justice Department source said prosecutors, FBI agents, and intelligence community personnel involved in disrupting the plot against Bolton are frustrated and angry that there have been no indictments and suspect political foot-dragging. The official added that Bolton and Pompeo were asked to sign nondisclosure agreements in return for their being briefed on classified intelligence related to the threats against them. Bolton and Pompeo declined to comment for this story.

Tom Rogan at the Washington Examiner

Iran hates Pompeo and Bolton because they feel those two were involved in the decision to assassinate IRGC (Quds) leader Soleimani in 2020. The DOJ emphatically denies that politics plays a part in charging the two IRGC members, saying, “it would be categorically false to claim that these kinds of policy considerations would drive such a charging decision.” And yet, the two IRGC members with “indictable evidence” remain unindicted. Unless there’s a “secret” document somewhere, which according to the Washington Examiner is unlikely.

The new nuclear deal is supposed to be released at any time. Will it have any sanctions against the IRGC for such plots? Unlikely. Russia and China were involved in the negotiations, and the US has a weak negotiating team.


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