Iranian People Start #ThankYouTrump on Twitter

By Faye Higbee

If you choose to believe the Mainstream Media, Liberals, Obama, and Europe regarding the Trump exit from the Iran Nuclear Deal, you are choosing the wrong side of history. The Iranian people have started the hashtag #ThankYouTrump and #WeAreHostages…because his action has given them great hope for getting rid of the mullahs. In the words of one Twitter user: “We can hear the chimes of freedom.”

[Featured photo via Twitter – people are now placing small American flags on their cars in Iran even as Mullahs burn the American flag elsewhere. @Izadtus]

The people of Iran have a long hard road ahead of them. They are praying that the heavy sanctions will force the Islamists from power and return their country to them. They are massively overmatched, and have few arms. But they have a lot of fight and hope left in them – and ultimately, the courage of Trump to buck the world has given them a fresh spark for freedom.