Iran Loves America – NOT

By Faye Higbee

We’ve been hearing that the Ayatollah Khamenei was using some rather provocative language in recent weeks about not allowing IAEA inspectors access to military bases or Iranian scientists. Now it’s official: the Iranian Parliament voted to ban access to military bases while chanting “Death to America.” Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy about Obama’s “friend.”


Iran’s parliament – AA Alliance photo

Complicating matters

199 out of 213 legislators present for the voting decided to ban access to military bases, nuclear documents, and scientists. It also demanded full lifting of sanctions prior to any deal being signed. The deadline for that deal is June 30. The problem threatens to complicate the nuclear talks. The Guardian Council must decude whether or not the law is legal according to their constitution and ratify the action. IT is unlikely they will find anything wrong with it.

Iran is perfectly happy to have inspectors do “conventional inspections” at “Iranian nuclear facilities.” Anything else is now officially strictly forbidden. The problem lies in …well, lies.  They are known for obfuscation of the facts, and out and out lying to get their way.

“All parties are well aware of what is necessary for a final deal, including the access and transparency that will meet our bottom lines. We won’t agree to a deal without that.” US Statement

Iran’s Natanz Nuclear Facility

All the stalling – is it paying off for them?

Since the US and other nations started this roller coaster, Iran has stalled and yelled, thrown a fit and basically held massive temper tantrums in an effort to stall the talks so they could obtain their nuclear missiles.

Major sticking points remain in the prospect of any nuclear deal.  Lifting of the sanctions is one area of strong disagreement- the US wants to do it gradually based on Iran’s compliance, and Iran wants them all off at the same time.

Iran’s negotiators says they have already signed an agreement allowing “managed” access to military sites, but this move may derail that agreement. Their agreement would allow inspectors to take environmental samples at each military site. Whether or not that will float after this vote is anyone’s guess.