Iowa Roast and Ride- Pigs, Motorcycles, Prez candidates, and Bomb threats

By Faye Higbee

Iowa – First time Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa hosted a relaxed event for some of the Presidential Candidates on Saturday that was called the “Roast and Ride.” Roast pork, motorcycles, and lots of political speeches. But someone decided it would be fun to delay the party by calling in a bomb threat.

Using what authorities described as a “voice recorder,” someone called in to say that they had distributed 5 bags with bombs in them throughout the event venue. The event was supposed to kick off at the Big Barn Harley Davidson dealer. The Boone Police Department received the first threat, and after the event, the Polk County Sheriff’s received another one.

Major speakers and candidates were whisked away while authorities checked out the area. But the all clear was given within the hour and the party went off with a good time for all.

The Presidential contenders in attendance were Rick Perry, Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, and Marco Rubio. We’re glad they had a good time in spite of the “security situation.”

roast and ride

June 6th Iowa Roast and Ride

A little “Cornfusion”

Breitbart wrote,

State police, when reached, referred Breitbart News back to the local police — who referred Breitbart News back to the state police. The situation with regard to information flow seems to be out of control and several federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI, Secret Service, Capitol Police and more have not returned calls for comment from Breitbart News. It’s unclear if anyone is taking the string of at least two bomb threats around Republican presidential candidates seriously.

It’s also unknown who made the bomb threats and if the two calls are related. Which authorities are investigating, if any, remains to be seen. None of the presidential campaigns on site are agreeing to speak on record about the matter, although several have confirmed the details of this report to Breitbart News anonymously.

Who knows if anyone will investigate or not. Since nothing was found, and it is difficult for local police to track those types of internet communications, they may not even involve the FBI or the DHS. At least the pig roast and the motorcycle ride were fun for the participants.