Iowa Campaign: Joe Biden Bit Wife’s Finger During Campaign Rally

By Faye Higbee

Creepy Joe Biden has a reputation for the bizarre, and on Saturday, he took it a step further by biting his wife’s finger (gently) when her hands got too close to his face while they were on an Iowa Campaign tour. The action spawned many memes and tweets, and was trending on Twitter. The Bidens were on his “No Malarkey” relaunch. [Note: The featured photo is a meme.]

The couple was in Council Bluffs for the first stop on the Iowa campaign rally in which several hundred people reportedly showed up. As Jill was talking about why her husband should be president, creepy Joe snagged her finger in his mouth. We hope he hasn’t done this before…She kept on talking, but anyone want to bet he slept on the couch last night? Maybe tonight too?

One Twitter personality called him a “zombie.”

Even some on the left thought it was weird, according to the Pluralist:

Then we have our own Rick Ferran’s reminder of Biden’s weird rant about kids jumping onto his lap.

Biden has been accused of having dementia, being confused, out of touch…and naming his bus tour the “no malarkey” tour didn’t help with trying to reach youth. Do young folks even know what that word means? Oh, no worries, the Biden campaign put the dictionary definition of it on the side of his bus. That’ll help, I’m sure.

But when Biden bit his wife’s finger, it took the trophy for weirdness of the week.

Featured photo: parody meme from Twitter


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