Investigation Launched – 27 Deaths at Illinois Veterans Nursing Home

By Faye Higbee

LaSalle, Illinois – After 27 veterans died and over 200 staff and residents tested postive at a state run Illinois Veterans nursing home, authorities (both state and VA) launched an investigation to find out why.  The LaSalle Nursing home is now the focus of an independent investigation. The Veterans Home is about 90 miles Southwest of Chicago, according to

“The tragedy of what has unfolded at the veterans’ home cannot be understated. I’m glad that the director has called for an independent investigation and agree that there are lesson[s] to be learned from this terrible outbreak that has claimed the lives of 27 of our nation’s heroes…November 4th, there were only four cases of COVID within the home. Very quickly within the past 20 days, we’ve had almost 200 cases.” IL state Senator Sue Rezin

The LaSalle veterans nursing home had escaped the main part of the pandemic until October, when a staff member and resident tested positive for COVID-19. By the beginning of November, staff and residents began to test positive. It reportedly coincided with a spike in cases in the surrounding community, and had spread to other nursing facilities in the county.

“‘It is no coincidence that cases within the home began to rise just as cases rose dramatically within the surrounding community,’Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs Director Linda Chapa LaVia testified Tuesday at the state hearing.

Dr. Avery Hart, a consultant for the state’s Public Health Department, said during the hearing that all 16 long-term care facilities in LaSalle County have had outbreaks.

As some states engage “compliance units” to enforce rigid COVID restrictions, and the tyrannical machines of government ramp up around the virus, the fact that 27 veterans died at an Illinois veteran’s nursing home is more important than the plans to control the populace. It’s hard enough that many of the residents of the veteran’s nursing home, even across the nation can’t be with their families at Thanksgiving. May the investigation into this tragedy proceed quickly, and the families not be dragged through more grief.
Featured photo: LaSalle Veterans nursing home via Illinois VA

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