Intruder at Joint Base Andrews

By Faye Higbee

An intruder at Joint Base Andrews (JBA) in Maryland on Thursday not only managed to get on base, but also got inside one of the airplanes. Andrews is most well known for being the home of Air Force One. The incident came just one day before Biden was scheduled to leave on the Presidential aircraft. The intruder was nowhere near Air Force One, according to the White House.

The intruder was not armed, and no one was injured, according to Stripes. He was turned over to the OSI, booked and issued a federal summons for trespassing. Then he was turned over to Prince George’s County law enforcement because he was wanted on two warrants. They said there was no indication of any extremist ties.

An adult male was detained Thursday by Joint Base Andrews security forces after he entered a C-40 aircraft on the installation, according to statement Friday from the base. The man was cited for federal trespassing and turned over to local law enforcement on two outstanding warrants, according to the statement.

Joint Base Andrews officials declined to name the man and referred questions to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, which is examining the incident. A spokeswoman for OSI did not immediately respond Friday to messages seeking additional information.

Stars and Stripes

The intruder managed to enter a C-40 aircraft, also known as a Clipper. According to officials, it’s the military version of the Boeing 737-700C. The 89th Air Lift Wing flies the plane, and their main mission is to ferry the President, Vice President, Cabinet members, US elected officials and top military brass.

Joint Base Andrews has vowed to never let it happen again:

“The security of our installation is paramount. This was a serious breach of security and Joint Base Andrews is investigating the incident to determine how this happened, so it doesn’t happen again.”

Col. Roy Oberhaus, the vice wing commander of the 316th Wing at Joint Base Andrews

The Air Force is reviewing security all over the world at USAF bases to make certain this doesn’t happen again, not just at JBA.

Based on the intrusion, JBA has suspended its “Trusted Traveller” program, which has been suspended on occasion in the past.


Featured photo: end of the air show at Joint Base Andrews September 2017 photo by MC2 Christopher Hurd/Navy

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