“Into the Light” – Dave Bray USA Reminds Us Darkness Cannot Defeat We The People When We Stand Together

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, (which most of us refer to as “the year from h***”), Dave Bray USA had an inspiration. “Into the Light” was written in the height of the pandemic…and it challenges all of us to have faith, pray, and believe that the best is yet to come. Here is what Dave told us about his song, which was just released. It has already hit #42 on the charts and climbing rapidly! #35 at last note.

As most of you know, my NEW SONG “Into the Light” was written during the height of the “corona” pandemic.  It was a time when businesses were shutting down, schools were closing and fear around the globe was at an all time high.  

 Unfortunately this pandemic also wiped out my entire tour schedule for 2020 and is still leaving scars on everyone in entertainment business going into 2021.  

 Many of us were forced to adapt in ways were weren’t ready for, and that was most certainly the case for us as well.  

 Honestly, I thought my days of chasing this “music man” dream had finally come to end…but instead we dug into our Faith got into the fight.  

It’s kind of crazy to think that “Into the Light” would never have been written if it wasn’t for the namesake that had been given to this global catastrophe.  

 When it all blew up “Corona” was on the tip of everyone’s tongue…So I looked it up… 

Basically it stated that a corona was like a bright “sun halo”…or a crownlike shape.   

Now, maybe it was the state of global chaos we seemed to be in back then…or the days of worry that seemed to keep coming…but after reading that definition of “corona”, I immediately envisioned The Ultimate Savior descending from the sky from a blinding light…Here to reclaim His Crown! 

And so, pen to paper, I began to do His work.  The first line I wrote was about the vision I had: 

“When this storm is done…and The King comes for the Crown…and The Son comes back around…to light our days…Every knee will bow and pray…”

Listen, I know that this “storm” we’re in is far from over…but I also know that if we can learn to come together with faithful hearts, set better daily examples for one another and learn to seek out the positivity in our neighbors, then there is no storm, or virus or pandemic, that “We the People” cannot overcome and endure.” Dave Bray, USA

Many performers had to cancel their tour schedules last year as fear gripped the people. Dave Bray USA’s latest single has an important message: the storm cannot defeat We The People, and neither can the darkness around us. But it requires us all to have faith, to pray, and to believe that the “best is yet to come.” Great job, Dave!

You can find Dave’s new single at this link: https://youtu.be/GhkRptwPqBM (And while you’re there, visit the other links on the video.)


Featured photo: screenshot from “Into the Light”

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