Insurrection? Government Targets Trump Supporters

If you innocently happened to be in DC on January 6 for the “Save America” rally, facial recognition software might have captured you as part of the “insurrection” even if you were nowhere near the Capitol breach. Think I’m being crazy? It’s happened to several people, including this Trump supporter in Pennsylvania:

“This is real authoritarianism. Not the fake kind people screamed about under Donald Trump. Donald Trump never put political dissenters on Do Not Fly Lists and flagged them as domestic terrorists.” @Peoples_Pundit.

“Similar story traveling this past weekend. Headed to airport i have all of the pre-checks a seasoned travel can have. Was stopped 4 times for “random” security checks. Thought it was bizarre but now it’s apparent.” @Kyle_Bosch65

Welcome to the Communist States of America. This targeting of people for “insurrection” is the tip of the iceberg. We have run head first into that iceberg, and, like the Titanic, it is guaranteed to sink our ship.

My neighbors family was there. Fbi agents showed up at their door and requested their phones for being there. They are looking to charge people with insurrection! They want all videos and pictures taken. They were at the rally bit not the capital and said the same thing.

Lindsay G

They have billboards here in southern Oregon with a number for people to call if they know someone who attended the Jan 6 rally in DC!! What is happening to America?

Dawn P

What is happening? Seventy-five million Americans are now being targeted for “insurrection.” No one should be shocked at it. In his first week as President, Joe Biden signed over 40 Executive orders, all of which literally destroyed the lives of thousands of Americans. And amidst the flurry of EOs, he said, “I don’t know what I’m signing.” A voice in the background said, “Sign it anyway.” THAT is the kind of President the Democrats put in power.

Six state Attorneys General sent a letter to Biden, warning of any actions which destroy the Constitutional rights of Americans. Texas is suing him for his energy Executive Orders that shut down much of the oil and gas industries. It won’t be enough as long as the targeting of ordinary people continues.

No one from Antifa in Portland or Seattle was held accountable for the destruction of those once-lovely cities. Charges are normally dropped just as the booking process is completed. But the powers-that-be in DC are happy to target law-abiding citizens for just being a part of a normal rally. It seems that no matter how much evidence is released that the riot was pre-planned, it has fallen on deaf ears.

Ordinary people are fleeing blue state cities like Seattle and Portland in droves, hoping to find peace in red states. One friend told me that a business owner said that the people who are fleeing those cities had “the look of refugees.” This is what the Democrats have done to America. They have turned our once free nation into a third world country so they can keep their power. Trump supporters did not start an “insurrection” – but the Democrats did it by stealth and subterfuge.


Featured photo: screenshot file of DC lockdown Jan 6

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