Initiative Petition 42- Banning Semi-Automatic Weapons in Oregon

By Faye Higbee

A petition is circulating in Oregon that would place an initiative to ban all semi-automatic weapons and “high capacity magazines” on the ballot in November. They need 88,184 signatures by July 6 to get it on the ballot.

The initiative would ban all sales of semi-automatic weapons and any magazines over 10 rounds in the state of Oregon. The definition of assualt weapon in the petition is “any semiautomatic rifle that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine, any feature like a folding or telescoping stock, and that can accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition.”

KGW reported,

The proposal would require any person in legal possession of an assault weapon to sell, surrender or remove the weapon from the state, or render it inoperable, within 120 days of passage, according to the language.

If eligible, a person could register the assault weapon or high capacity magazine with Oregon State Police, subject to number of requirements (see full text below).

Any violation would be a Class B felony.”

Text of Oregon Initiative 42 by Statesman Journal on Scribd


“This is completely out of hand — I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been told so many times by people in favor of gun control: ‘no one is coming to take your guns.’ This explicitly comes for your guns. This got zero comment or help from anybody in Oregon’s Democratic leadership. The reason they’re not supporting this is that they’re not stupid. They know this would bring out the greatest red wave of votes in Oregon history.” Oregon Rep Bill Post, R-Keizer

The absolute ignorance of liberals is stunning.  And the children who are being brainwashed to help the leftists are completely clueless that they are being used to destroy freedoms that millions have fought and died for over the centuries. The ban in Oregon may not go anywhere. But if it does happen to get traction, it may also create a rift between rural Oregonians and city dwellers that can’t be repaired.


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