Indianapolis Pistol Packin’ Wife Saves Husband, Kids, During Home Invasion

By Faye Higbee

Fox59 reported that at around 9 p.m. on December 5, a man in Indianapolis was attacked on his front porch by two armed men. His pistol-packin’ wife saved him.

The victim had just returned from running errands when he was was accosted by two armed men on his own front porch. They shoved him through the front door, pistol-whipped him, then shot him in the leg. Then they demanded money. reported,

While this was happening, the man’s wife was running to his aid. The attackers, wearing gray clothing and masks on their faces, demanded money from her, too. The woman then ran off toward the kitchen and grabbed a handgun instead. By firing one shot, she scared off both of the attackers and quite possibly saved her husband’s life.

There were two young children inside the home during this incident who were not harmed. The man was hospitalized for his gunshot wound but is stable and expected to recover.

Unfortunately, the two men are still at large, and police were unsure if they fled on foot or in a car.

The neighbors were unhinged by the robbery attempt.

“They are such a nice family. They bring me Sunday dinner, they help me with my yard, anything I need help with, I can count on them. They are just a safe haven for our block and for someone to come and try to take from them and their family is just devastating.” Neighbor Dana Miller to wthr

Indianapolis appears to have numerous home invasions, some of which have ended in the death of the homeowner. This one did not, because of one woman who knew where the gun was in time of need. Her husband is likely alive because of her actions, and so is she, and maybe even her children

Home invasions are particularly violent offenses. Over the years I personally have seen very tough elderly people fight back, even without a gun. But when Mama Bear is armed, it’s time to get out of the way.