Indiana Voter Fraud Case Expands to 56 Counties

What began as an investigation into voter fraud issues in 9 Indiana counties, had now expanded to 56, according to Fox59. The Governor of Indiana urged all voters to double check their registration information after a group called the Indiana Voter registration Project turned in forged registrations.

Indiana Voter Registration Project

Fox 59 reported on 9-15,

A group called the Indiana Voter Registration Project has turned in forged voter registration forms. The group was altering the information of voters who had already registered, changing addresses without the voters’ knowledge or consent, according to officials…

The investigation into the fraud started in Hendricks County about three weeks ago when election staff there noticed incomplete forms and signatures that didn’t match up. Police said the probe expanded to include false voter information in Marion County.

“It appeared there were some actual fraudulent voter registrations. We’ve determined at least ten at this time, and we are continuing our investigation,” said Bursten.

Fake registrations could strip someone of their vote or even give a person the ability to cast multiple ballots.


An alert clerk

The discovery of the fraud originally came from an alert Hendricks County clerk, who noticed discrepancies on some of the forms. She notified authorities, and the investigation began.

The fraud consisted of “made-up names and addresses, real names with made up or incorrect addresses and false dates of births with real names” or combinations of all of those.

This fraud comes just before the October 11 deadline to register. Officials are unable to determine just how many people have been affected by this issue, so are asking everyone to go over their registration forms and check for anything that looks suspicious. If a resident finds anything, they should contact the Secretary of State’s Office at 1-866-IN-1-Vote (1-866-461-8683).

Offices of the Indiana Voter Registration Project were raided by police on October 4. It was then that they discovered the problem was far more widespread than just 9 counties.

The corrupt group ALMOST got away with it.

These are the Indiana counties involved via Fox59:

  1. Adams
  2. Allen
  3. Bartholomew
  4. Benton
  5. Blackford
  6. Boone
  7. Brown
  8. Carroll
  9. Cass
  10. Clark
  11. Clay
  12. Clinton
  13. Daviess
  14. Dearborn
  15. Decatur
  16. DeKalb
  17. Delaware
  18. Dubois
  19. Elkhart
  20. Fayette
  21. Floyd
  22. Franklin
  23. Fulton
  24. Gibson
  25. Grant
  26. Greene
  27. Hamilton
  28. Hancock
  29. Harrison
  30. Hendricks
  31. Henry
  32. Howard
  33. Huntington
  34. Jefferson
  35. Jackson
  36. Jasper
  37. Jay
  38. Jennings
  39. Johnson
  40. Knox
  41. Kosciusko
  42. LaGrange
  43. Lake
  44. LaPorte
  45. Lawrence
  46. Madison
  47. Marion
  48. Marshall
  49. Martin
  50. Miami
  51. Monroe
  52. Montgomery
  53. Morgan
  54. Newton
  55. Noble
  56. Owen