Illinois Inmate Takes Hospital Worker Hostage

By Faye Higbee

Kane county, Illinois –  Delnor Hospital in the Chicago suburb of Geneva was the scene of a hostage situation at around 12:30 p.m. today, as an inmate that had been taken there for treatment grabbed a correction officer’s weapon and is holding a hospital worker hostage.

UPDATE: According to WLS, a total of two nurses were taken hostage,  and the inmate was fatally shot by police. One of the nurses escaped, and he grabbed another. The suspect was Tywon Salters.

Tywon Salters – police photo

The inmate is reportedly from Kane County Jail and was taken the hospital for an unknown treatment. He managed to grab the correction officer’s gun who was watching him and used an employee, reportedly a nurse, as a hostage. Only one hostage is involved at this time. The incident is confined to one corner of the first floor of the  medical facility.

Kane county SWAT arrived and the hospital is in lockdown. Officers are attempting to remove some people who were inside at the time. One person told NBC that she and several others were taken to a bathroom to hide for about 15 minutes, then moved to a conference room for 45 more minutes. Officers were then able to take them out of the hospital.

No injuries have been reported, but the incident is a developing one. We will attempt to update it with more information when the standoff is resolved.

Getting jail inmates to medical care is a problem…prisons usually have staffed facilities. Local jails may not. Corrections officers are always on those front lines.