ICE to Scoop Up Deportable Illegals in Northern Cali – Cali Set to #Resist

Word is that ICE- Immigration and Customs Enforcement- is set to begin a sweep of Northern California for illegals who have been designated for deportation. Word from California officials: no dice, not helping. It appears that illegals have significantly more rights in California than the citizens who live there.

ICE plans to begin the sweep soon, but no date has been released. They are hoping to snag about 1,500 illegals in the action. With no help from any California local law enforcement… which could be bad for their safety.

The SFChronicle reported,

The operation would go after people who have been identified as targets for deportation, including those who have been served with final deportation orders and those with criminal histories, the source said. The number could tick up if officers come across other undocumented immigrants in the course of their actions and make what are known as collateral arrests.

The sweep would represent the first large-scale effort to target the region since Gov. Jerry Brown in October signed legislation enacting a statewide sanctuary law. Supporters say the law allows undocumented immigrants to cooperate with local police and seek education, health care and other public services without worrying they will expose themselves to possible deportation.

Democrats have been pretty open about thinking illegals will be their voting base, not just in California but across the country. And they are actually happy about being part of the #Resist movement against President Trump.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Congress they were looking at options to see if criminal charges could be levied against officials who do not comply with ICE requests.

“The Department of Justice is reviewing what avenues may be available …sanctuary policies are putting my [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] officers at risk.” DHS Secretary Nielsen to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Some of the folks in Cali are not happy with that whole sanctuary state business. And speaking of  “s***hole”  places, these residents are speaking out:



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