Hyde Park – Marine Veteran Dies After Being Beaten by Carjackers

Chicago – Keith Cooper, 73, survived 2 combat tours as a Marine during the Vietnam War, only to have a heart attack after being beaten in broad daylight by two carjackers near Hyde Park in his own neighborhood.

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Screenshot via KBTX

The incident occurred at around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday at a shopping strip. Two carjackers, Frank Harris, 18, and an unnamed 17 year old juvenile allegedly approached the 73 year old and demanded Keith give them his Hyundai SUV as he was running errands near Hyde Park in Chicago. Then the two teens repeatedly punched the Marine Veteran in the head. Witnesses attempted to intervene and stop the attack, but his heart couldn’t handle the trauma and he died of a heart attack. Cooper died just days before his 74th birthday.

Keith Cooper, US Marine combat veteran

“(The suspects) tried to steal his car. You didn’t even get his car when you took his life. It was two guys preying on a senior citizen…

He was like a bonus dad. He was my father-in-law, but he was like a dad. He was the best. Keith was the best.”

Curtis Carlton, Keith Cooper’s son-in-law (KBTX)

The police credited witnesses for helping them track down the suspects quickly.

Suspect Frank Harris

Frank Harris was charged with one felony count each of murder and aggravated vehicular hijacking. The unidentified juvenile was charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of attempted aggravated battery to a person over 60. Chicago police told Fox News that the prosecutor will decide whether to charge the 17 year old as an adult. Their court appearances were scheduled for today, Friday.

Chicago has been out of control with violence now for years. Carjackings in particular were up 135% over 2019 -603 in 2019, and 1,416 in 2020. Carjacking has become a nightmare in Chicago, and Police Superintendent David Brown added 40 officers and 4 sergeants to a carjacking task force. That’s not counting the upswing in shootings and other crime in the windy city.


Featured photo: screenshot via KBTX

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