Hurricane Harvey Mission Update II

By Faye Higbee

It’s Hurricane Harvey Mission II – an  update: People are headed to Texas to help. As usual in a major disaster, the plans always need adjusting as more and more people request help. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children teams have needed to be flexible as the needs across the spectrum change moment by moment.

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, Texas Young Republicans, and other teams may have to make more than one trip to bring aid, since the response has been overwhelming. Some have already arrived at a drop off point. There are many teams now from different groups from militias to military all working in coordination to assist those in need.

Black Team arrived yesterday, dropped off  their supplies and quickly went to work patrolling in their boats. But today their trip wasn’t as smooth as they’d hoped, as one of their boat trailers broke down along the way.  But they were up and running again after one of the locals helped them.

“After he dropped off cans of gas and other essential items he joined the patrolling efforts last night looking for hurricane victims. Danny has now broken down and could use some extra support so he can continue his mission. You can support him by contribution to his PayPal Fund Please follow Danny on his mission in Texas!”

Blue Team member Brock had such an overwhelming response to requests from his neighbors and friends that he will have to make several trips this weekend.

Just one stop for Blue Team Leader Brock and this is how he was loaded down from the response of friends and neighbors wanting to help.

Critical Need for Gas and Water

Emily Tang (who needs a medal) and her team arrived in Katy, Texas yesterday- the drop off point is the High School there. But Emily is doing Yeoman’s work in coordinating with resources and requests for help from places like Beaumont and Galveston. Both cities have no water right now, and she is working hard to help team members get their supplies to where they are needed.

Green Team has already arrived and dropped off supplies and is now busily helping people. Other teams will leave tomorrow and over the weekend.

We now have a total of six teams: Red- Florida; Blue- Kansas; Black-DC; Green- Ricky Dyer-Tennessee; Orange team – Nick Hiteshew- North Carolina.  If you would like to help them, or join the  teams, contact

Click here to donate to our Square Cash account that is used for gas for volunteers, etc. There are also individual paypal accounts for some of the drivers where you can help. The article below will be updated at some point to reflect the other two teams.