Hurricane Harvey Mission Update #1

By Faye Higbee

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children has reached out to its networks to mobilize teams to help the victims of flood-ravaged Texas. They have also donated 5% of every shirt sale to the disaster relief. Five Teams coming from different areas will converge on Texas, as more and more people are inundated with flood waters. Some teams have already left, other will follow.  Texas Young Republicans has coordinated with them as well for the Houston Water Rescue Task Force.

Red Team, with Rick Ferran, and George Mercado will be leaving Sarasota on Friday.  Blue Team with Brock Hayes is coming from Wichita, Kansas. Black Team with Danny Alejandro is coming from Washington,  DC area. Green Team with Ricky Dyer is coming to Houston from Tennessee. Orange Team with Nick Hiteshew is up and loaded as well.

What began as a small convoy of people, boats, and supplies, has grown into a major disaster relief plan with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children follower Emily Tang helping to coordinate the efforts of the teams. They are connecting with emergency relief agencies/churches in the flood ravaged areas as well as supporters along the routes. They’re bringing everything from boats, water, diapers, cereal, to blankets and medical supplies.

Cypress, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Houston…the list of disaster cities has grown exponentially since the first landfall of Hurricane Harvey. Emergency services are overwhelmed and people are stepping up to help. but the efforts must be coordinated, and that’s where Emily and Tank come in. Finding drivers for truckloads of donated items, trucks to haul boats, gas for everything, coordinating  with people on the ground for pickups and volunteers…it’s a major undertaking for all.

Black Team Leader Danny Alejandro coming from Washington DC is expected to arrive on site later tonight. He has boats and rescuers with him as well as numerous supplies.

Blue Team leader Brock Hayes is coming in from Wichita, Kansas and bringing medical supplies such as 2,000 sterile catheters, couple thousand gauze pads, tape, etc.

Green Team leader coming from Memphis, Tennessee is Ricky Dyer, who has 4 people on his team with trucks full of supplies. The Refuge Church in Memphis raised $7000 in one day, and donated tons of items. Ricky and his team are delivering it to the First Baptist Church in North Houston soon.


The teams are having to redirect their boats and assets as the flooding situation changes and thousands more are in need of rescue. Road closures require constant monitoring as well. From Houston to towns in Southeastern Texas and Louisiana, the situation is dire for people and animals.

Thank You somehow seems inadequate for all the people who are helping with this mission.