Hurricane Harvey Mission III — Generosity, Teamwork

By Faye Higbee

Hurricane Harvey Mission III – Danger lurks as looters dressed as police are stealing supplies of aid workers and rescuers in Texas. Some are even shooting at rescuers. But the generosity of Americans is evident in this tragedy of tragedies…and there is no color, no division. It’s Teamwork that gets the job done. Nowhere is that more evident that with the Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children teams.

In some places, boats are not wanted due to Coast Guard and FEMA already in the area. In others, they are desperately wanted. Some areas have water, some need water. Our teams are changing moment by moment to accommodate the needs. ¬†Flexibility, rerouting…it all works together, thanks to Emily who is coordinating all of it.

Then there’s a few minor disasters along the way…like one team’s boat taking on water and having to call for help themselves.

Black Team has been on the ground (or in the water) now for for two days with their boat. When the boat started taking on water, they were picked up in rapid fashion by the National Guard and taken to land. Black Team is ok, and with a new boat provided by a local, was soon back at it.

There is a lot to do.

Black Team with Danny Gonzales has already been working hard.

Vidor, Texas is underwater. The bridge between Beaumont and Vidor is out and the only way in is by boat. The US Navy has taken an aerial view and will likely be on it, but some of our teams are also headed to help. Smaller towns are often the last to get help when a major city like Houston ends up in the center of the news. But many people are working hard to make sure all are taken care of.

US Navy aerial footage of Vidor, Texas

The teams that planned to leave today are well on their way to the next meet point. Some have boats, all have supplies,  the most critical need is for gas and water in many of the areas. There is a distribution point in Katy, Texas where team coordinator Emily is working hard to make sure items go where they are needed most.

For everyone: remember that Flood waters often contain raw sewage, and are extremely hazardous. The quicker people are rescued by whoever gets to them first, the better off they will be.

You can help fund these awesome teams by using their cash links. If you’d like to join up with the teams, call Emily@ 214.762.2668

The two cash links are:$MisguidedChildren$Etang17