Hurricane Harvey Aftermath – Who Can Help?

By Faye Higbee

Catastrophic flooding has ensued in Houston after Category 4 Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Coastline on Friday. From the extreme winds and rains that devastated Rockport, and Port Aransas, Texas to the flooding now engulfing Houston, Texans are reeling from the incredible power of the storm. Forecasters say the flooding could continue into Wednesday even though the hurricane has been downgraded to a tropical storm.

Two people have been reported dead in Houston, and three more are feared dead in Aransas county, according to the Daily Mail. Thousands of people have been rescued, and many have climbed  to their roofs or attics to escape the flood waters.

Soldiers from the Texas National Guard braved the winds and rain to save an American flag that had been left to the elements, as did one police officer in Aransas.

Danger: Alligators are swimming in the flood waters, trying to find dry ground where they can rest. The water is mixed with sewage, so is NOT safe- be warned that playing in the water can cause serious illness.

A resourceful dog grabbed himself a bag of food in preparation to wait out the storm. (Note: his name is Otis and he is not a stray, he’s a very smart service dog). The owner got him, so he’s ok.



Charities and emergency numbers

There are a number of Charities that are helping with the damage and flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Texas.  You have to be careful who you donate to, but here are some groups that are working hard for the people of the region.

Here are also some emergency numbers – remember that in a catastrophic situation, 911 may not answer the phone.

Team Rubicon, American Red CrossThe Salvation ArmySamaritan’s PurseSave The Children, the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and Heart to Heart International are just some of the organizations that are valid and helping. The Texas Diaper Bank is also in need of help.

Animals displaced by the floods are being sheltered by several groups:  SPCA of TexasAustin Pets Alive!Dallas Animal Services and the San Antonio Humane Society.


Texans are resilient, but this disaster may take years for recovery. Helping them now is important- do what you can!

Featured photo- screenshot via Twitter