Hung Jury in William Porter Trial

By Faye Higbee

A hung jury in the William Porter case involving the death of Freddie Gray means that there will have to be a new trial date. The jury could not reach a verdict and the judge declared a mistrial today. Porter is the first of six officers charged in the case. He faces charges of assault, manslaughter, misconduct in office and reckless endangerment.

Urging restraint

Baltimore City officials urged restraint and calm after the decision was released, which now postpones the trial of William Porter until a new date is set.

hung jury

William Porter is the first to stand trial int he death of Freddie Gray- a death which caused riots and protests in Baltimore earlier in the year

Everyone seems disappointed at the lack of an outcome

The Fraternal Order of Police has stood with the officers. They released this statement:
“When Officer Porter began this journey through the judicial process, we asked that everyone allow him his day in court as is promised to all citizens. Today, seven months later, Officer Porter is no closer to a resolution than he was at that time. Our legal system, however, allows for outcomes of this nature, and we must respect the decision of the Jury, despite the fact that it is obviously frustrating to everyone involved. Officer Porter and his attorneys will continue, with the full support of the Fraternal Order of Police, to press for his acquittal. While certainly nothing will return Freddie Gray to his family, we ask that the public continue to allow the judicial process to find its way to a final resolution.”

The NAACP expressed disappointment over the lack of a guilty verdict.

A Baltimore City Councilman told reporters,

Today the jury in the Officer Porter Case informed us all that they were not able to come to a unified decision on all charges. I expect for there to be protest and support anyone who wants to exercise their right! This trial and those that will follow are a part of a process that is a opportunity for Baltimore to heal and show the world how a community overcome challenges. Many have been committed to working for change on all issues that plague our city long before April’s Unrest and I ask that all who want to see change join us in peacefully fighting for change. Brandon Scott, Baltimore City Council

There were some skirmishes with protesters  outside the courthouse after the news was released. Some even claimed that if they spoke up they would be arrested. 

No surprise

It wasn’t a surprise to some of us that the jury had difficulty reaching a verdict. The Mayor insisted that all six officers be charged, which may not have served the truth. Rumors have been rampant around the internet over the police van being a “death trap.”

Conspiracy theories aside, it is highly unlikely that all six officers went to great lengths to kill Freddie Gray. The following tweet is an artists rendering of what transpired in the courtroom today.