Humanitarian Gifts from Japan Twisted by Hamas into Weapons

By Faye Higbee

Plastic kites gifted to the children of Gaza by Japan were supposed to be toys, but Hamas turned them into airborne bombs. Japanese humanitarian groups  donated thousands of kites in 2015 after Gaza refugee children flew a record 13,000 kites in “solidarity” with the people of Japan five years after their massive earthquake. Now they are being used to carry Molotov Cocktails, and flammable chemicals into Israel, destroying the environment, wheat fields, orchards, warehouses…placing Israelis, their flora and fauna and their livelihoods in jeopardy.

A Nature Reserve and fields near the Kibbutz Carmia were devastated from the flaming kites on Saturday, June 2. The kites have become a staple of Hamas terror attacks since their first use during the “March of Return” riots in March. Since then it has become a daily occurrence.

Times of Israel reported on June 2,

By evening, teams of dozens of firefighters and aircraft finally managed to bring the flames under control, but not before some 2,000 to 3,000 dunams (500 to 740 acres) of fields and parts of a nature reserve adjacent to Kibbutz Carmia were destroyed.

In total, firefighters battled three large fires and several smaller ones along the Gaza Strip border, all believed to have been started by incendiary kites flown from the coastal enclave.

In April, Palestinians sent kites with flaming rags across the border and set fire to the wheat fields of hard working Israelis, destroying them. Since then they’ve been using anything incendiary from molotov cocktails to balloons filled with flammable chemicals.

“We are dealing with a new, destructive and dangerous phenomenon that is gaining momentum. Almost every day, we see the kites flying towards us.” Israeli Wheat farmer

The expertise to fly the incendiary kites suggests something other than the usual rock throwers.

The Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) noted:

“These sort of modifications and the skill to fly the kites into Israel effectively suggest a level of training on an institutional level. The operator of the kite needs to have some meteorological understanding of wind patterns. Then, the devices themselves must be launched effectively at the perfect moment and catching just enough wind to reach an ideal altitude for causing maximum damage. In Gaza, Hamas (and other major terror organisations) are the main players with such levels of engineering expertise. Its ranks are full of highly skilled terrorists, with vast experience in developing and launching explosive devices.

In fact, there is evidence that Hamas operatives, dressed as civilians and in some cases assisted by them, were the ones flying the kites across the Israeli border over the past few weeks during the riots. The trained kite units call themselves the “Sons of Zouari”. Mohamed Zouari was a Tunisian engineer with the Al-Qassam Brigades, who supervised the unmanned aircraft manufacturing program of Hamas, before his assassination in December 2016.”

Hamas and Palestinian activists have one goal in mind: destroy Israel and make it uninhabitable for their citizens and inflict as much terror as possible. They also don’t care that they would make it uninhabitable for the wildlife too.

“By the grace of Allah, we have managed to implement this idea in a simplified way, through popular resistance, the goal of which is to lead to panic and attrition among the enemy…Allah willing, it will light up and burn fields and houses. It will get to a place where it will burn a large area.” Masked Palestinian activist

This Ynet news footage shows some of the damage being done by the flaming kites:

Featured photo Ynet screenshot