House Moves Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act Out of Committee – Without Safeguards

Faye Higbee
domestic terrorism prevention

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021 is destined for the House floor after the Judiciary Committee voted for it. The problem is that it contains no safeguards against Federal abuse of the term “domestic terrorism.” Every single time Republicans on the committee attempted to put in an amendment, Democrats blocked it. The bill was approved along party lines with a vote of 21-17. (The Epoch Times)

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Democrats claim that the counterterrorism resources in the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act will only be used for legitimate law enforcement actions. Tell that to the parents who have been investigated for going to School Board Meetings to stand up for their children. Tell that to the innocent people who have been targeted by the FBI with breaking into their homes that frighten their children over Jan 6. That’s only the tip of the “domestic terrorist” iceberg. The Thought Police are full speed ahead.

Republicans proposed amendments over the course of 3 contentious days of debate. One was regarding the FBI’s labeling of parents as “domestic terrorists”. It was defeated with a vote of 24-18. The Republicans proposed an amendment asking the FBI to produce the number of parents they were investigating. That one went down with a vote of 23-17. They also attempted to put Antifa, BLM and other radicalized groups into the bill at the point where the bill spoke about white supremacists and neo-nazis. That amendment had one GOP member who was concerned about how the FBI targets groups- so it was defeated 23-15. The last amendment was about preventing the federal government from using counterterrorism resources against anyone who refuses a COVID-19 vaccine. That one also was defeated 19-16.


Arrests, Indictments, Activity, Assessments, Training in the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act

The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act will sunset at the end of ten years. Federal law enforcement- in particular the FBI- must produce biannual reports on the activity of white supremacists and neo-nazis- and their infiltration into law enforcement. (Which in effect sets up a huge witch hunt.) There are training requirements, including ‘anti-bias training’ for all Federal law enforcement personnel. In the last few years, the FBI has called pro-lifers domestic terrorists, or people who don’t believe in the Covid vaccine, even people who believe in what the government calls “conspiracy theories.” Even those who use the word “Patriot” are at the tip of the government spear.Taking this current crop of politicized Feds at their “word they won’t target” innocent people…not a good idea.

Without any safeguards, the power of the Federal Govenment to destroy lives by the label “domestic terrorist” is on the way up. Don’t let this one out of the gate -contact your Reps and Senators.


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