Hostage Situation at Stuttgart Law Firm Leaves 2 Dead

By Faye Higbee

Hostage Situation at Stuttgart Law Firm Leaves 2 Dead
A 75 year old Lawyer and the man who took him hostage are both dead after a hostage situation  in Stuttgart, Germany. They were both found in the basement of the law firm.

Germany has extremely stringent gun laws, by the way.

Hostage situation

The Independent UK reported,

Stuttgart Police said in a statement during the siege: “At the moment there is an uncertain threat situation in the area of Gerokstraße in eastern Stuttgart.

“A woman has watched a man in a neighbour’s house at around 1pm, who was handling a firearm and who might have released a shot.

“The area has been locked down. Special forces are employed.”

“Police ask people in the area to stay away from windows and doors to not endanger themselves. Traffic is massively affected.”

The region’s transport network, VVS GmbH, said the Olgaeck – Ruhbank route was closed due to a “police operation”.


Special Deployment Commandos were dispatched to a hostage situation in Stuttgart, Germany

Storming the building

Stuttgart police along with about 100 Spezialeinsatzkommando (SEK) arrived on scene. They held off for a little over 4 hours before storming the building. The SEK are special deployment commandos particularly trained for hostage and counter-terrorism scenarios.

When police went into the building, they found both the lawyer and the gunman dead in the basement. Officials stated that none of the police officers involved fired any shots.

Traffic was severely affected as police blocked off the streets surrounding the incident. The 67 year old suspect from Frankfurt has not been identified. The lawyer, apparently well known in Germany, was also not identified.