Hong Kong Protests- Who Sent the Thugs?

Faye Higbee
hong kong protests

As police stood back and didn’t intervene on July 21, thugs in white T-shirts attacked the participants in the Hong Kong protests. According to most people on Twitter, it appears that local gangs sent the thugs to attack the protesters and the police turned a blind eye. The beatings took place at the Yuen Long Train Station in Hong Kong. The protest was reportedly attended by around 430,000 people.

CBS reported,

Protesters clad in black again blocked roads and squared off with police in a standoff that lasted for about 90 minutes. It was an ebb and flow between sides with police firing several rounds of tear gas and rubber bullets before protesters left.

At the same time, new violence erupted near Hong Kong’s border with mainland China. Videos showed a mob of men dressed in white – believed to members of Hong Kong’s Triad gangs – beating pro-democracy protesters and passengers in a subway station with sticks and bats. 
The use of gangs is a common tactic in mainland China to take action while avoiding the use of police. The area where this happened strongly supports Beijing and residents there complained it took an hour for police to respond. Nearly 50 people were injured.

Hong Kong protests

The white t-shirted thugs hit the protesters with long canes and bottles, while the protesters attempted to fend them off with umbrellas. As soon as the white shirts were done beating the protesters, they ran away. Police took their time, wandering back to the Yuen Long train station, but not chasing them.

The people involved in the protests were upset that the police did not help them. One woman tweeted “Situation worsening in Hong Kong. My home isn’t safe anymore…save us.”

The white shirts even attacked a pregnant woman (who was not wearing black like many of the protesters usually do).

HK Police have been accused of going “completely hysterical” and attacking reporters. Banners that read “Stop Police Violence. Defend Press Freedom” were seen in various places across the Hong Kong protests. Even older people are standing with the protesters.

One man begged – on his knees – to the white shirted thugs for no violence as he stood inside a subway car, but as he picked up someone’s glasses, one of the white shirts literally knocked him out with a long pole.

The Hong Kong protesters are battling the Communist regime – the Hong Kong council is nothing but a puppet. They are unarmed against armed thugs and police. And they are crying out for help.

Featured photo: screenshot of the white shirted thugs cornering protesters inside a subway car via Twitter