Honey Bee happy- but keep your windows rolled up

By Faye Higbee

The Friday morning commute in Lynnwood, Washington today was anything but normal. A semi overturned on the I-5 interchange with Interstate 405, creating a bees nest of problems. The truck was carrying thousands of honey bees in 448 hives.


WDOT had this to say about the incident:

It’s no typical Friday morning on northbound I-5 at the I-405 interchange in Lynnwood. A semi truck full of honey bees overturned, blocking the two left lanes and releasing a huge amount of bees around the freeway. Aid crews and bee keepers are working to get the scene contained. Some delays both directions of I-5 through there. Consider alternate routes like SR 99 and maybe keep your windows rolled up.

Unfortunately, firefighters sprayed a layer of foam over some of the hives, killing the bees (for safety) because they were getting stung.  The company that owns the hives sent beekeepers out to save as many of the insects as possible.

But it’s not the only incident this week involving semi-trucks.


More spillage

On Wednesday, a semi in California spilled 48,000 pounds of wine when it clipped a van and overturned in Stanislaus County.   You heard that right, 48,000 pounds of wine.

WISC TV wrote,

“The driver of the big rig tried to avoid the van, but clipped the rear of the vehicle, causing the big rig to roll over, officials said.

Inside the truck was 48,000 pounds of wine, much of which was spilled in the crash.

Two farmworkers from Merced, California were inside the van. Both were taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

The driver of the truck, who is from Ceres, California was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Officers said if it wasn’t for the quick reaction of the big rig driver, the men in the van may not have survived the crash.

Both directions of Highway 132 were closed for a couple of hours as crews worked to get the truck out of the roadway.”

From honey bees to wine, this has been a rough week for big rig drivers.