Honduran Migrant Caravan Tears Down Border Fence

By Faye Higbee

The Honduran Migrant caravan that is headed for the United States broke through a steel fence at a crossing point on the border of Mexico and Guatemala Friday. What began as around 1,500 migrants has swelled to over 3,000 and began massing at the border of Guatemala and Mexico.

Mexican police turned most of them back, the others were to be processed for asylum requests. But many of them did not want to stay in Mexico, because their goal was the United States.

Most news media stated that the caravan “turned back.”


There could be dangerous criminals hiding within the group.

The President of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, speaking at a conference with the United States, and other Central American countries on Friday, told the audience that since 2016, his nation found 100 ISIS members within various groups of migrants. They were immediately deported. But it does show the danger of such large groups of migrants: you don’t know who is hiding among them.

The Guatemala News media Prensa Libre reported,

[Secretary of Intelligence Mario] Duarte told Prensa Libre that, as an example of these captures, in 2016 “several citizens of Syrian origin who were detained with false documents were detained, for which they were prosecuted and subjected to criminal proceedings.” These individuals were deported in accordance to our laws. “

It was reported that Duarte also mentioned that 250 gang members of MS-13 and Barrio 10 had been arrested in various  migrant groups. So we want to let over 3000+ unknowns into the US?

Slowed, Not Stopped

The caravan has not “turned back.” The last caravan broke apart and the people came in sections, still overwhelming US border security. Mexico has let them in sections at a time.

Mexico has plans to allow 100 humanitarian visas per day to the Hondurans in the caravan, according to the Daily Caller. So it’s not really stopping the caravan, just slowing it. Their goal is still the United States…not Mexico.

So we have to ask: why now? It’s just a few days before the midterm elections, with the Democrats crying over “families” being separated, and movements within the Democrat Party to abolish ICE.

The caravan has embedded reporters with cameramen, so it wasn’t an “organic” beginning. It went from around 1,500 to 3000+.  So in spite of the agreement with the United States to stop the caravan, it continues. With reporters and cameras. Soros must be proud.