Homemade Single Shot Revolver

By John Sanchez

The Presidential candidates – what do they really think about gun control? Do you trust them with your 2nd Amendment rights? It may not be wise to do that. But we have a gun you can build for less than $150 and still have some firepower: the .410/.45 long colt – derringer.

.410 Derringer

This is a single shot pistol that has versions that are multiple shots. But the particular version I am going to explain how to build is the .410/.45 long colt. This is about the easiest gun build you can make since all of it is basically done for you.

So first is to buy the parts set. You can get them from a company called Excalibur — they don’t have a website and you can only order by phone so give them a call at (800) 642-1600. I ordered a kit. [They do get back orders, so be patient. I had to wait for a few months before the order was processed, but when I got the call that they were going to process my order, it came quickly.] 

Now that you have the kit, you can either cut the two side faces and strike plate out of 11 gauge steel, or order them from a company that has it all done for you. That is what I did. Go to the Flatspot.net.  They have the plates all cut out for $17 plus shipping.

Don’t mess up the welds

Once you have everything, all you need to complete the build is to make two 3/4 inch welds or braze on each side of the breach face, and add the parts.

To make this more interesting there is a barrel conversion and inserts that allow you to shoot .22lr, 9mm, and .32. This is a short simple build, yet it can become a very long one if you make a mistake in the weld or braze. I ended up messing up the weld and spent two days grinding the welds to re-do them.

single shot revolver

Building your own .410/.45 single shot revolver

Do your prep work, because if you don’t, you will be trying to fix your mess and trust me, it wasn’t fun. Flatspot.net has a pdf with instructions on how to assemble, but it’s confusing, so read carefully. You’re done! Now you have yourself a .410/45lc handgun!.