Homeless Veteran Beaten to Death by Black Mob (Video)

By Faye Higbee

Homeless veteran beaten: An angry black mob drove by 51 year old homeless veteran Robert Barnes sitting on the curb at a gas station in the Olney area of Philadelphia, PA back in April. They beat him with a table leg, a hammer, and their fists until he fell into a coma. He died over the Thanksgiving holiday. Why? Because of a lie.

Caught on camera- surveillance video caught the mob who beat a U.S. Veteran – he died over Thanksgiving. Screenshot

The beginning on April 7, 2015 – the lie by a ten year old

Youhit news wrote,

IT WAS the lie of a child, a way of avoiding getting in trouble for coming home late.
But it had terrible consequences – it stirred an angry mob, and it ultimately left a 51-year-old man fighting for his life with horrific head injuries.
It led to the arrest of two women: the boy’s mother, Aleathea Gillard [34] and her neighbor, Sharina Joachim, [24] who both have been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and related offenses, police said.
It started Tuesday afternoon, when Gillard confronted her 10-year-old son, police sources said. She wanted to know where he had been.
He said that, en route to his house, on Wellens Avenue near 5th Street in Olney, he had stopped at the nearby Sunoco gas station at 5th Street near Tabor Road. There, the boy said, he tried to earn some extra cash by offering to pump customers’ gas, according to Lt. Dan Brooks, of Northwest Detectives.
While he was there, he ran into a neighborhood fixture, a homeless man who often does odd jobs around the area. He, too, wanted to pump gas for money, Brooks said. An argument broke out, and the boy would later claim the man assaulted him.

veteran beaten

The Consequences 

After hearing that the boy was “assaulted” by the homeless man, the mother, neighbors, and juveniles hopped in a van and drove to the gas station. Never mind that it’s illegal for a 10 year old to pump gas in the first place. Never mind that no one called the police about the alleged “assault.” Never mind that mob violence is also illegal. Never mind that a man lost his life over their mindless act of violence.

Mr. Barnes was  beaten with a table leg, a hammer, and numerous blows to the face and head. He fell into a coma.He died on Thanksgiving, another victim of selfishness, and lack of conscience.

Three adults, Three juveniles charged

In addition to the two women previously mentioned, Kaisha Duggins, 23, and 3 juveniles were arrested in the incident. The charges will now likely be upgraded to murder, in addition to other charges related to the incident. Criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, simple assault and related offenses are among the charges they all face.

The 10 year old’s story was a bold-faced lie, and the mother never once questioned it. According to Lt Brooks, there was no evidence that the homeless man ever struck the boy at all.