Homeless Man Uses Human Skull as a Puppet

By Faye Higbee

Sebastian, Florida – An unidentified homeless man wandered around talking to a human skull and using it as a puppet. Shades of a Gary Larson Far Side Cartoon.

gary larson

human skull

photo via wpbf

A witness named Nick Pecoraro saw the homeless man wandering around the parking lot of a Publix Grocery store with a “white object” in his hands. He noted that the man was talking to the object and using it as a puppet.

As the man showed off the object to shoppers from the store, he finally left it sitting on top of a trash can in the parking lot.

Wpbf reported,

“He was using like a puppet,” said Pecoraro, who claims the man appeared to be talking to the skull and showing it off to customers in the parking lot before he left it on top of a trashcan outside of the Sebastian Publix Tuesday morning.

At first, Pecoraro thought the skull was fake until he got close enough to catch a whiff.

“It smelled like death,” Pecoraro said.

He immediately called 911.

The news report stated that the dispatcher was “incredulous” over the fact that the skull was real. Indian County officials did confirm later that the object was a human skull that still had teeth in it.

Police said that the homeless man left the skull on top of the trash in an effort to have people report it to the Sheriff’s Office. He willingly led investigators to the rest of the skeletal remains. The man apparently lived in the woods near the grocery store and stumbled upon the body.

The remains were located in a part of the woods that was known to have homeless people living there, but not near any of the “camps.”  People have not yet identified the person or the gender.  The cause of death is also unknown at this time.