Holocaust lesson goes wrong for Israeli Preschoolers

By Faye Higbee

A kindergarten teacher at Rishon Lezion Municipality in Israel went a little too far in her desire to teach the youngest of students about the Holocaust: she sent them all home with a Holocaust yellow star on their shirts.  And the parents were horrified.


a 3 year old was forced to wear a yellow star


This was Holocaust Remembrance Week, a time when the world is asked to reflect on the horrors of the massacre of millions of Jews in Nazi concentration camps during WWII.

But during the teacher’s lesson, she placed the yellow star on toddlers as young as 3. The star with the label “Jude” was used by Nazis to identify Jews and send  countless numbers  to their deaths. It was a lesson a little too deep for the children.

Out of bounds

One mother took to Facebook to express her anger:

“Shocked, completely stunned, find it hard to speak, refuse to understand…This is how my three-year-old daughter returned from the day care center today….

 I don’t remember if and how I was taught in nursery school about Holocaust Remembrance Day, we all know and respect its importance, but the message was conveyed to the toddlers today in an appalling, unacceptable way.

Do children need to learn this subject by wearing yellow stars like Holocaust survivors? In a child’s world, when they put a sticker or symbol on him, it is seen as a prize for good behavior, which is very different from the meaning of this symbol, which carries a very heavy burden, too heavy for small children…

I am one mother out of 17 who saw their children return from preschool like this. One of the mothers is even having a hard time calming down and hasn’t stopped crying in the last two hours.”

The school issued an apology and suspended the teacher whose idea went outside the boundaries for toddlers. Haaretz reported that the teacher will also face disciplinary action.