History Teacher Stomps American Flag in Class

By Faye Higbee

Lee Francis, a history teacher at Massey Hill Classical School in Fayetteville, N.C., took an illustration a step too far when he ‘stomped’ the American Flag in class … after he asked for a lighter and scissors. But his “teaching method” didn’t set well with many, and some got up and walked out, taking the flag with them.

Fayetteville is one of the cities that borders Fort Bragg… a military facility that honors the flag. It is exceptionally important to them.

Francis states that he was trying to teach about “freedom of speech” and the First Amendment.

A recent Facebook post by Sarah Taylor:

Massey Hill Classical High School in Fayetteville, NC. The new history teacher there (Mr. Francis) asked students if they had a lighter (they said no, they aren’t even allowed in school), then when there was no lighter he asked for scissors. When there were no scissors he took the flag and stomped all over it. He is saying this was teaching First Amendment rights.

I called the Principal Dr. Adams and asked her why he couldn’t have talked about it and not actually disrespect the flag like that and she completely stood up for him. Excuse me, THIS is part of their curriculum?!?!

A few students left the classroom and one took the flag with them and asked that it properly taken care of. With the County getting so much funding for our military kids at this school, I ask the question of mutual respect, nothing less, nothing more.

That flag might not mean anything to that teacher, but it means a lot to us and it means a lot to the family’s [sic] who had their service member come home to them in a casket with that flagged draped over it.

The principal told me I will not be allowed to know what happens with this teacher because my student was not in his classroom. I told her that she is in charge of her school, her teachers, and I should have the right to know what is going on in my child’s school. I asked if she would be letting the superintendent in on this and she stated “No, this is an in house matter.” Sarah Taylor

Ms.. Taylor is not the parent of a student in Mr. Francis’ class. It is unclear which student took the photo that has  gone viral.Mr. Francis was placed on paid administrative leave Tuesday after the controversy erupted throughout the community, according to the fayobserver. The final outcome of this case has not been determined.

Even though the courts have allowed desecration of the flag as “free speech,” it remains intensely personal to those who have sacrificed for it – and their families. He should have known that.

2015 failed bid for a House Seat

Lee Francis mounted a challenge against 4 term incumbent Rep Elmer Floyd of NC State District 43 in 2015. He didn’t get very far, and pulled out of the primary. Originally he had been going for the seat in District 47, but changed it to 43 – and changed his address to make it happen. According to the FayObserver that district is predominantly Black and Democrat.

Typical Democrat. Someone who doesn’t truly understand the flag and what it represents.

“…it means a lot to the families who had their service member come home to them in a casket with that flag draped over it…” Sarah Taylor (edited)