Hillsboro, Oregon -Suspect Killed After Attempting to Steal Helicopter

A man wearing a mask hopped over the security fence at the Hillsboro, Oregon airport, and fired a round in the air, demanding the people inside a helicopter get out. The helicopter belonged to the Aero Flight School, which maintains several choppers at the facility.

According to news reports, the helicopter was warming up on the field at the airport, when the masked man, who was reportedly wearing a hoodie, approached and demanded the student pilot and flight instructor get out of the aircraft. They got out unharmed, but when police arrived, the suspect bailed and ran.

He bolted over the security fence and ran across the street toward the Washington County Fair Complex and Hillsboro Airport MAX Station. When he began firing his weapon, officer(s) returned fire, killing the suspect. His name has not been released, and the motive is unknown at this time. Police are investigating.

Featured photo Screenshot from KATU on Twitter