Hillary’s America – The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Faye Higbee

Hillary’s America – The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Who are the Democrats? Are they the party of social justice? Do they actually stand for equality? Or…are they the party of social engineering, social control, segregation, and corruption? What would the regime of Hillary Clinton do to the United States? The new Dinesh D’Souza Documentary, “Hillary’s America” opens nationwide on July 22.

It is perhaps the most important Documentary film you will ever see.

His first Documentary, “2016- Obama’s America” in 2012 gained political enemies. “America- Imagine a World Without her,” released in 2014, was no different. Open, honest, challenging, truthful, these films let us know exactly what to expect if we continued on the path we are still on today. This new one is an eye-opening look at the secrets, the foundations of the Democratic Party.

They are things you as Americans need to know.


Screenshot from the movie trailer for Hillary’s America – the KKK was borne from the Democratic Party


Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, 55, was tried and convicted in 2014 for sending $20K in contributions in the names of friends to Wendy Long, a Republican Senatorial candidate in New York.

He spent the first 8 months in a “community confinement center” and was forced to undergo “therapeutic counseling” (which was an unheard of addendum to his sentence). His punishment included teaching English as a Second Language to students for 8 hours a day one day a week.

The movie draws in pieces of his experience to illustrate his points.


The Clinton Years – Democrats from hell

The Clinton White House from 1993-2001 operated in a cloak of corruption and crony politics. They used the IRS as a weapon against political opponents, targeting groups like the Heritage Foundation, NRA, and a long list of others.

They used the FBI to conduct opposition research into critics (something Chuck Colson went to prison for during the Nixon years).

Hillary's America

Hillary Clinton has been involved in scandal after scandal

They granted waivers to high tech companies to sell technology to China in exchange for $5 Million in donations to the Clinton-Gore re-election effort. Totally illegal, yet they got away with it.

They allowed cronies to stay in the Lincoln Bedroom in exchange for donations to the campaign, which is illegal.

And those are tiny fractions of the violations of the Clinton White House. Added to Bill Clinton’s “bimbo eruptions,” it is beyond a twisted moral fiber and reaches into the criminal enterprise that continues today.

From State Department to ?

What would another Clinton White House be like? Mr. D’Souza has researched the background of the Democratic party to give you insights into exactly what to expect from Hillary Clinton in office.

Power hungry, arrogant, self-serving…you will not be amused, but you may be shocked at the conclusions he draws, and the information he reveals.

This documentary movie is a must-see if we are ever to restore what has already been lost.

Two of the movie trailers: