Hillary Goes to Gitmo – via an Iowa Parade Float

By Faye Higbee

Arcadia–  An Iowa Parade Float featured a Hillary Clinton look-alike wearing an orange jumpsuit  inside a cage. The object of the float? To throw water balloons at “her.” Some loved it, others were offended.

“Even the police and everybody was positive about it, especially on social media.We couldn’t get pictures with some people because of where they work and their political agendas. But, only one group booed us. My consensus from that was 99 percent to 1 percent liked it.” Kyle Julin

The men who built the float – Kyle Julin, Josh Reetz are not affiliated with any particular organization. Julin is an Independent, and Reetz was a registered Democrat in 2014. The man who played Hillary is Adam Corky. His political leanings are unclear.

 iowa parade float

A girl readies her water balloon to throw at the Hillary figure – Facebook photo

iowa float

(left) Kyle Julin, (center) Adam Corky, (right) Josh Reetz – Facebook photo

Therapeutic water balloons

Kids along the parade route were encouraged to throw water balloons at the Hillary figure in the cage.  Julin handed out 400 water balloons for people to throw. It was great therapy for the frustrated, and great fun for the kids.

The local Democratic Party was offended by the float, of course.

“The Carroll County Democrats participated in the Arcadia celebration in an appropriate and dignified manner. We saw a lot of children along the parade route. Children aren’t politically savvy. It’s sad to imagine that some of them may have been wondering why they were being mean to that lady and throwing things at her.”  Tim Tracy, Carroll County Democrats

Lighten up, Dems!

Even if the children may not have known why they were throwing the water balloons, they had a great time doing it. The Democrats are always trying to take fun away from children because they aren’t “dignified” or “appropriate.”

Can’t everyone suspend their offense for a while so everyone can have some fun? why does everything have to be dignified or appropriate? Democrats are intolerant and stodgy.

As far as whether they got offended,

“I mean if they do, they do. We believe if Hillary gets in, it’ll be bad for moving our political agenda forward. … Also, it wasn’t just kids, there were a bunch of adults grabbing water balloons and cheering.” Kyle Julin

People are taking everything entirely too seriously these days. They are over-sensitive, and carry around a 2×4 on their shoulders (ok, in times past it might have been referred to as a “chip”).


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