Hillary Clinton’s Girl Power – Lie, Cheat and the Sky’s the Limit

By Eric Williams

Hillary Clinton has her own special brand of girl power. As she brags about breaking that highest of glass ceilings for America’s girls, she sets a terrible example for young females in our country.

For teenage girls and young women who care to learn about her, the lesson is that if you lie and cheat long enough, you too can possibly become president. Now, millions of Americans would love to see a woman president. But not this woman.

girl power

She has accomplished nothing exceptional over her career other than managing to stay out of prison. Her time in public office has roughly amounted to holding positions in title only, lots of flying around the world attending ceremonies, and performing her administrative tasks probably worse than anyone ever has.

Hillary Clinton represents the worst side of women, and definitely not the kind who should be celebrated. From her decades of scandal, to her current ambivalence of the rule of law over her email investigation, she proves herself time and again to be the worst possible role model for today’s women.

Her history of lying (especially to the Benghazi victim’s families), cheating, hiding, obstructing, enabling, and abusing are well documented. Throw in her alleged Jekyll and Hyde temper and you can see why Hillary is the total package.

But think of the history!

How did we miss electing Charles Manson years ago? It would have been historic. America could have had its first mass murdering president! As we’ve seen from Barack Obama’s presidency, the first of anything is not necessarily a good thing.

Matt Walsh, writing about Hillary’s brand of girl power and how it relates to his daughters, says:

“…call me sexist, but I don’t look at my little girl and think, ‘I hope you grow up to be just like Hillary Clinton.’ I shudder at the thought that any parent would wish such a fate upon their precious child. If anything, I see Hillary Clinton as a vivid illustration of the exact sort of person I don’t want my daughter to become. It’s not that I don’t want her to be successful — I just don’t want her to achieve success the way Hillary achieved it, nor do I want her to define success the way Hillary, and much of the rest of the culture, defines it.”

Yes, ladies, if you’re only willing to sell your soul to the devil, you can go as far as your lack of morals and ethics will take you. So aim high, and think about that first person whose life you need to ruin to begin your journey to the top.

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