High Gas Prices For “Future of the Liberal World Order” – WTH is THAT?

Faye Higbee
liberal world order

The Biden Administration’s extreme position on gas prices and fossil fuels is wreaking havoc with Americans. Into that maelstrom comes Brian Deese, former executive of BlackRock who stated that Americans must get used to the high gas prices “for the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm.” Do you want to be part of the “liberal world order?” No thanks.

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The “Emperor’s New Clothes”
Deese also claimed that the Biden administration made “historic economic progress” and it was a “transition.” Which is so much bull****. The word “transition” tells us that this whole mess was INTENTIONAL. Right now, inflation is at record levels. People can’t afford groceries. The supply chain is broken, new and deeper shortages in goods and food are on the horizon. The middle class is being swallowed into the poverty class. If that’s what these morons call “historic progress,” then they should stand trial for treason. There is not one thing Biden or his cronies can point to that is positive about his “historic economy.” Historic as in broken.

It’s Communism, plain and simple. And it’s designed to destroy you without harming the elites.

The Biden administration missed its own oil and gas lease deadline on Thursday. Back in May, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland promised to have it done by June 30. It didn’t happen, and the date was pushed back for reasons known only to the Interior Department. We suspect it was because they just didn’t want to release them…except that the gas and oil leases are MANDATED BY LAW. Not that anyone in the Biden Administration obeys the law anyway, nor do they care about Americans.

“Now he has failed to follow the law and prepare a final five-year leasing plan by yesterday’s deadline. That means the federal government will not offer any new offshore oil and gas lease sales this year.”

“This will be the first year since 1958 that has happened. Instead, the Biden administration has spent its time courting overseas dictators. The White House has begged countries like Russia, Iran, and Venezuela for oil. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

Sen John Barrasso R-WY

Is Deese’s “liberal world order” double-speak for New World Order? Likely. The greenie’s Agenda 30 is running roughshod over Americans with no end in sight.


Featured screenshot Brian Deese from Twitter/CNN video

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