Heroes Disappearing – USMC Navajo Code Talker Alfred Newman Passes

Faye Higbee
alfred newman

Navajo Code Talker Alfred Newman Sr, 94, passed away on January 13, at a nursing facility in New Mexico. His passing leaves just eight of the elite communications personnel still living. He was honored by President Trump in 2017.

“Navajo Code Talker Alfred Newman was a hero, and he stood amongst giants. We will be forever grateful for his contributions and bravery, as well as that of each and every one of our Navajo Code Talkers. They are national treasures.” Navajo tribal President Russell Begaye

Those precious national treasures are leaving the earth faster than we’d like. Their history, their contributions, are one reason the allies won WWII. We will never be able to repay them.

“My dad told me that the U.S. was in trouble and when they were calling for him, he needed to answer that call with the armed forces.” Kevin Newman

file photo of Navajo Code talkers in WWII

AZ Central reported,

Because Dine has no words for things like bomb or airplane, Newman told an interviewer, they developed a code. For example, if a commander wanted two tanks moved forward, Newman would radio to another code talker, “Na-Keh-cheh–tala-he net-zin,” or “Two turtles needed.”

Beginning with a handful of Navajo code talkers after the Pearl Harbor attack, their ranks swelled to 400 by the time the project ramped up. They fought through prejudice, fear, and danger to become some of the heroic legends of the Marine Corps during WWII. The Japanese never cracked their code.

Lesser known were the code talkers from other tribes in other service branches, including Comanche,  Seminole, Cherokee, Meskwaki, Choctaw, and some of Basque descent.

Alfred Newman Sr penned these words:

“I accepted Christ as my Savior at Rehoboth Christian School. When I went to war, I carried my little Bible with me in my vest pocket. I read it often, finding comfort in Psalm 91. Whenever we went off to battle we would offer a prayer. There is fear when you’re in a war zone. As a Christian, I left everything up to God. If He wanted me to die there, so be it. If He wanted me to return, then that was His will.” – Alfred K. Newman Sr. Navajo Code Talker 1924-2019. (from the family GoFundMe for funeral expenses- it reached its goal and had to be paid by noon on January 18)

Semper Fi, Sir. And thank you.

“May you enjoy your journey home, Navajo Code Talker ALFRED K. NEWMAN. Your Heroism for our Loved USA WILL BE YOUR LEGACY. Thank you for your Service so I can enjoy my freedom today!” Consuelo Mills

Featured photo via GoFundMe