HERO – James “Cowboy” Johnson, Marine Veteran with Lung Issues Runs Into Burning House to Save a Life

James “Cowboy” Johnson of Norristown, Pennsylvania is a US Marine veteran. On March 15, he was returning home from the bank when he saw his neighbor’s house on fire. Johnson didn’t hesitate. He called 911 and ran into the house to save a life, because he knew someone “had to be in there.” And save someone he did..

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It was around 10 a.m. the morning of March 15, 2021 when he saw smoke coming from his neighbor’s house.

Photo via Norristown Fire Department

“When I first saw it, it was kind of light. Driving up there, it got heavier. I banged on the door, knocked and hollered and screamed … nobody answered. I knew somebody had to be in there.”

WPVI – James Johnson

Two local boys assisted Johnson in kicking in the front door. They yelled but there was no answer. So James ran to the second floor. There he found a man trapped and on fire.

“He was on fire! I said, ‘We got to get him out quick!’ I drug him down the stairs, brought him outside, and I’m just putting the fire out in his hair. ”

James Johnson

When a local reporter asked him if he was at all worried about his own life, he replied, “That doesn’t faze me. I worried about saving a life.”

Mr. Johnson has lung problems and ran into a house full of smoke and flames without thought for himself. That’s a hero.

And save a life he did. After using a blanket to put out the flames on the man, the victim was flown to Philadelphia for treatment.

“The modest Mr. Johnson, Marine Corps Veteran, said it was just instinct that kicked in and he did what he had to do. He thanked Plymouth Community Ambulance and all the firefighters for taking care of him and making sure he was ok. The Norristown Fire Department salutes Mr. Johnson for his service to our country and our community. Mr. Johnson will be recognized by the municipality for his heroism at an upcoming council meeting.”

Norristown Fire Department Facebook Post

Instinct. Mr Johnson’s instincts have never waned, even at 70 years old. That evening, Magistrate Judge Gregory Scott, also a Norristown firefighter, arrived at Johnson’s home with a certificate of appreciation. Norristown also plans to honor him.

James “Cowboy” Johnson, Marine veteran, is a fixture in his community. Judging from the comments on the Facebook post itself, he is loved by many.

“I know Mr Johnson , as he was a customer of the bank I used to work for. His visits were a great part of our day, as his personality shines. He is a true “earth angel” and deserves to be recognized as a hero for ALL the amazing things he does.” Denise P

“HERO! is a perfect description of Jimmy”Cowboy” Johnson, he is always working to better his block or lending a helping hand to someone in need. I am very proud of my brother-in-law, but not at all surprised at his heroic behavior. A true Marine and a true HERO!!” Chris G

“Mr.Johnson is the neighbor everyone should have on their block. Caring, kind, helping out neighbors when needed has never asked for anything in return. We salute sir!” Melinda S

“The Cowboy Jimmy Johnson is a living example of the Marine Breed. Fearless. Selfless. Seizing the initiative. That’s what Marines are. It’s what Marines do. It is a part of the fabric of your soul. Jimmy Johnson is a friggin legend. Semper Fi warrior.” Terry C

We’ll echo that: “Semper Fi, Warrior!”


Featured photo: James “Cowboy” Johnson via Norristown Fire Department

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