Helen Keller the Nazi Guy, D-Day the Rapper…Gen-Z “Knowledge” of History Leaves Teacher Incredulous.

By Faye Higbee

A middle school teacher attempting to discuss major historical events with his class ran into some incredibly ignorant responses from the students. That he was able to stay calm is a miracle in itself as the students gushed with things like “Helen Keller was a nazi guy. He’s like a terrorist.” and “D-Day is a rapper.”

For those of us who grew up when education didn’t include “social justice,” and “intersectional feminist 1619” hogwash, such basic historical knowledge was a must. By the time I was “middle school” age, I knew about all those things. It appears that today, kids skate through life completely oblivious to what has gone on before them. Of course I didn’t have my head buried in a cell phone either- I read books, and engaged with veterans, as well as our older generations who lived through it.

Helen Keller was not a “nazi guy.” She was a woman who became deaf and mute at the age of 19 months from a high fever. She went on to become an author, lecturer, disability rights advocate, and politicial activist. No she was not a “fake,” as one of the giggling teenagers suggested. Of course, kids nowadays listen to conspiracy theories as bad as adults do.

They weren’t “F-ing” with him, that was really their knowledge level: zero. Oh, and Helen Keller was trending on Twitter. Go figure.

When the teacher suggested the student mixed up Helen Keller with Hitler, the student replied, “Who’s Hitler?” That one she should have known because the left has screamed that Trump was like Hitler for the last 4 years.

When the teacher asked what Pearl Harbor meant to them, one student replied, “That’s a bridge.”

When he asked about D-Day, one student responded that “D-Day is a rapper.’

Some of the responses to that post ranged from priceless to scary:

“The men who stormed the Pearl Harbor bridge on D-Day to defeat Helen Keller must be turning in their graves.” @CatchYrselfOn

“Reading the declaration of independence in my English class right now. To build context: ‘and who did we win our independence from?” Crickets… Then from the back of the room: ‘God?'” @Tedwrite

“I remember growing up lingering at the dinner table w/adults long after meal was over listening to them talk of history, politics, literature, etc. So much learning there no screen could replace. Now I see families everywhere-kids tuned out, staring at screens.” @hollyshansen

There were also the usual crop of haters on the responses. Did the teacher make fun of them as some claimed? No, but he was shocked at some of their responses, and did laugh at one point. We have all seen similar videos of adults made by “Louder with Crowder” and others when even the adults were clueless about basic knowledge.

Students should have a basic grasp on at least some real history by the time they get to middle school. However, even if they didn’t know the answers to the questions the teacher asked, asking him instead of babbling what they thought would have been a logical way to go. This generation is growing up in a toxic environment of indoctrination that has left them without critical thinking skills. God help us.


Featured photo: D-day from National Archives

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