HBO’s True Detective Series – Society’s Need for men like Rustin Cohle

Fiat Justitia Et Pereat Mundus-Society’s need for men like Rustin Cohle. HBO’s series “True Detective” is one you should watch. It personifies some of the things society may need at this point in history. It is based on a true story.


Rustin Cohle, ” Rust,” is the co-protagonist in the first season of the HBO series “True Detective.” Based on true events (search about Hosanna Church and ‘Pastor’ LaMonica), the series follow two detectives of Louisiana State Police as they try to uncover the truth behind an occult related, ritualistic murder of a girl.

Rust and his partner Marty, portrayed by Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson respectively, are two completely different characters.

Rust and Marty as portrayed by Mathew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson respectively.(HBO)

Marty is a typical detective with all the good and bad traits that usually follow the stereotype. Rust on the other hand, is what you would get if you combine a forensic psychologist, an inquisitor and a SpecOps operator.

A former undercover agent (possibly for the DEA) for many years, Rust has gradually developed a punisher’s mindset. He has abolished all the illusions about ‘fair judgement’ and all the other delusions kept by the justice system (worldwide), a system which operates under the blind hope that the nature of mankind is inherently good.

According to his own confession, he had repeatedly delivered immediate punishment by executing cartel members on various occasions while operating as an undercover.

Also he holds a deep understanding about human nature and is an expert interrogator renowned throughout the state for his ability to extract confessions from criminals. Though a self described nihilist pessimist, he admires the voluntary sacrifice of Christ and keeps a cross above his bed as a constant reminder.

Friendly advice to a woman who had committed infanticide.

As anyone who has watched the series knows, Rust has no problem whatsoever in breaking the rules in order to achieve his purpose. While on his pursuit for the sect that was behind the killing of young women and children, he has absolutely no problem (and nor should he) into ‘gently helping’ uncooperative people to finally assist him.

He’s not afraid in going after powerful figures that stand between him and his goal. Rust is not a sheep dog, he is a werewolf. He does not just stand watch so that the plain citizens can sleep calm at night.

He is a bad man who keeps other bad men from the door. He turns from one of the members of the society into something even the things that go bump in the night are terrified, he personifies divine punishment.

Enough said.

Because he has a cause he is unstoppable, the criminals are the enemies of the society and this is a war. Anyone who assists them in any way will have what is coming for him.

Even when-indirectly- forced out of the force his cause is still there. The fire burns inside of him and he continues with his work. He flies bellow the radar and re-emerges many years later when he is finally ready to deliver punishment.

While delivering his punishment, he makes sure that everyone gets to know the horrifying truth. He presents to the people the evil they think does not exist. Indirectly urging them to help him cleanse this filth and purify their souls along with society itself.
rustin cohle

The reality

We like to think ourselves as good men, our societies as beacons of holiness, unfortunately that’s not true.

The nature of mankind is inherently flawed and there will always be the need for some within the society to look deep into the abyss, not with fear but with hatred.

Hatred so deep, that will make even the things that go bump in the night to tremble with fear. Not all men are capable of undertaking such a responsibility, that’s why society will always need men like Rustin Cohle.

“Well, once there was only dark. If you ask me, the light’s winning.”-Rustin Cohle