HB 1296: Indiana Becomes 24th State With Constitutional Carry

Faye Higbee
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On March 21, Governor Eric Holcomb signed HB 1296 into law, making Indiana the 24th state to adopt Constitutional Carry. The anti-gunners are having a fit, but as we’ve stated before, removing the rules for permits simply alows people to stop having to ask permission from the government to exercise a Constitutional right. It does not change the requirement to have a background check to purchase a gun in the first place. (NRA-ILA)

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“I poured a shot of my best bourbon and celebrated a 10-year effort by many, many people simply to return our rights to the Constitution where they belong…I don’t think people are going to notice. Criminals are still going to do criminal things. Obviously, we know that felons still carry handguns. There has been no data that has been shown where this will jeopardize police officer lives or put them in any danger.”

Rep Jim Lucas (R-Seymour)

Indiana law enforcement testified against HB 1296. The anti-gun organizations testified against the legislation. Democrats voted against it. But in the end, Constitutional Carry passed and the Governor signed it into law.

House Bill 1296 states that the law requiring a permit to carry a handgun in Indiana is repealed and people who are not restricted from possessing or carrying a handgun do not need to obtain a permit from the state to do so.

It goes into effect starting in July.

The bill was co-authored by Rep. Ryan Lauer, R-Columbus. Republican Sen. Greg Walker, R-Columbus, joined nine Senate Republicans and all 11 Democratic senators in voting against the bill in the Senate.

The Republic

The permit fee, background checks, and other rules will no longer be requirements in the state of Indiana. The state will still sell permits, primarily for those who may be traveling out of state. But they are no longer required. Another victory, and 24 states that are moving towards the Constitution instead of away from it.


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