Hawaii State Senator Wants Unconstitutional Gun Law

Hawaii State Senator Wants Unconstitutional Gun Law

Hawaii already has highly restrictive gun laws. They also have one of the lowest crime rates of the 50 states- in 2014, they ranked #41 out of 50 states as ‘dangerous.’ Low low low. But never mind the facts, State Sen. (Dr) Josh Green (D – Kona, Ka’u) has proposed a bill to renew gun registrations every 5 years and all gun owners must have insurance on those guns.

What part of “shall not be infringed” does Green not get?

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Sen Green has proposed a gun bill that would cost the state of Hawaii big bucks

Insurance requirement that no company will provide

The proposal requires gun owners to carry liability insurance through private carriers. The problem is, homeowners insurance already covers accidents with weapons whether they occur at the home or outside of it. But insurance companies do not , and will NOT cover intentional criminal acts.



The bill also wants gun owners to re-register their firearms every 5 years.  Brilliant. That’s a paperwork nightmare waiting to happen. If it did pass, Hawaii would be the first state to implement such a plan.

Hawaii News Now reported,

Green’s proposal would also require gun owners to renew their registrations every five years. Right now, that gun registration is good for life without taking into consideration changing medical or mental conditions of gun owners.

“Imagine if someone has become blind over the years, should they have a gun? Imagine if someone’s had psychiatric illness from drug addiction,” Green said.

The five-year renewal requirement would require 200,000 guns being re-registered in Hawaii each year, about ten times more registrations than are processed annually now.

Highly costly

The cost would be over-the-top prohibitive for the state of Hawaii. If it did by some fluke happen to pass, the state would have to hire many more employees to process the re-registrations, an enormous cost that this State Senator has not addressed. Hint: they never do.

Senator Green is a typical liberal who thinks he can “fix” what he sees or hears about by ratcheting down law abiding gun owners. It just doesn’t work that way. He has admitted that it probably won’t pass the legislature in Honolulu. But he’s hoping that  a few years down the road it will. We hope not.