Hate in BlackLivesMatter Movement Continues to Ruin Their Brand

By Eric Williams

On Monday’s edition of Fox and Friends,  co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck asked the question that has been on millions of minds in recent months – “Why has the BlackLivesMatter movement not been classified as a hate group?” It’s a very logical question, and the answer is clearly that they should.


Note the message on the board behind the protester – picture via RightWingNews

Why aren’t they classed as a hate group?

If threatening another person’s life, openly and publicly, is not enough to get you into the hate group club, then there’s no such thing as a hate group. In recent months, there have been numerous incidents involving supporters of #BlackLivesMatter (BLM) saying outright that white people and cops should be killed.

Members of the New Black Panthers, marching in unison with the #BlackLivesMatter movement, have made open threats against Texas law enforcement employees by telling them, “We will start creeping up on you in the darkness.”

This was at a rally in Houston and in the shadow of the death of Officer Goforth, ambushed by Shannon Miles in that city last week. And while we’re at it, shame on the reporters from the Houston Chronicle who were present when these remarks were made but were so politically correct that they left the comments out of their coverage of the event, published the very same day.

Leaders from #BLM have even put out directives telling their supporters to: “Kill a white person, hang them from a tree, upload a pic to social media.”

Silence  = an Okay to Violence and Hate

A North Carolina Air Force veteran was sucker-punched from behind after a football game when he and his friends happened by a #BLM protest. It seems almost every day there is another new example of hateful actions or rhetoric from this group.

Sadly, the group has been given “street-cred” from our president since he has hosted some of their leaders at the White House. And while he gives the occasional lip service by making a brief statement saying it is wrong to target police, his refusal to prosecute these open threats against our society, or come out forcefully against the direction of the movement, is support via his silence on the matter.


Monica Foy- deleted both her tweet and her facebook page from the backlash after her venomous remarks- facebook photo

Anti-cop hatred

The latest example of the extreme hatred perpetuated by supporters of the #BLM movement is Houston’s own Monica Foy. Monica is a white chick whose white guilt is so great that she believes Officer Goforth deserved to die for things she believes he must have done. Monica sent out a tweet that said:

“I can’t believe so many people care about a dead cop and NO ONE has thought to ask what he did to deserve it. He had creepy perv eyes…”

And one of the #BLM leaders, DeRay McKesson, claims he’s upset that people are blaming his group for the murders of white cops. After all, they’re only calling for the murder of white cops. How could anybody put two-and-two together like that? Come on, DeRay!

Hate oozes out

You can feel the hatred oozing from these despicable people. While they go on TV and try, try, try to explain the nature of their movement: that they’re only fighting for justice, they just want equality, they want to honor Michael Brown, etc., their tactics have backfired and their brand is already ruined. They will always be thought of by the general public as a domestic terrorist group.

Hillary Clinton stands a better chance of being viewed as an honest person than #BLM does of being viewed as a worthwhile organization.