Hate Crime in Ohio Snags Media Once Again

Sylvania Township, Ohio – Yes, it was a “hate crime” but it wasn’t what people thought when they read the first news media reports. On January 10, 2017, a family discovered hate graffiti scrawled across their garage door. “F*** Arabs” and a swastika had people up in arms to the point that they painted over it. But it turns out all was not what it seemed.

The Eltatawy Family- Media Assumptions

A friend of a member of the Eltatawy family contacted Uncle Sam’s and let us know that they are not Muslims. That family member is a close friend of a veteran, and they grew up together. He is described by friends as the “funniest, nicest, and smartest guy I know.”

The father of the family died a while back and was a long-time wrestling coach in the community. He was from Egypt, his wife from Japan. Half Egyptian, and half Japanese, that family member is a Trump supporter, and he is not Muslim. The Muslims in the neighborhood have hated him for a long time and always “started fights,” according to friends.

Of course the news media assumed they were Muslims by their names.

The man who is being charged with the crime IS Muslim.

Yes, America, another Trump supporter was victim of a hate crime, though authorities are not charging it as such. CAIR issued this statement over the vandalism when the story first broke:

“We call on those community leaders to come together to host events that build bridges of understanding, mutual respect and tolerance in order to counter such hateful acts. We call on local, state and federal law enforcement authorities to thoroughly investigate this incident in order to identify and apprehend the alleged perpetrators.” CAIR statement

Authorities did investigate it thoroughly. Even they assumed the family were Muslims because it fit their agenda.

Muslim perpetrator

Osama Nazzal, 28, a Muslim, was arrested for “Criminal Damaging” for the graffiti on their garage door. He’s set to appear in court on March 1.

Why did he do it? Perhaps to give credence to the narrative that there has been an upswing in anti-Muslim hate crimes. Or perhaps he, like everyone else, uses the swastika to identify Trump supporters. The combination of the two was odd in the first place.

Articles on the vandalism were of great length and included the CAIR statement and hype about anti-Arab sentiment. The articles on his arrest were very short.