Harvey Round II – Hurricane Makes Landfall on TX/LA Border

By Faye Higbee

Port Arthur and Beaumont, along with several smaller towns in southeast Texas were slammed hard with Hurricane Harvey Round II overnight. Twenty six inches of rain fell within 24 hours, and it’s still raining. Unfortunately, the system is spreading Eastward toward Louisiana and hitting all the small towns in between.

The Nation’s largest oil refinery is now shut down. And the people were desperate for help as the flood waters rose swiftly and emergency call centers were overwhelmed. Parts of I-10 and  U.S. Hwy 69 are closed.

The Texas Department of Transportation requested that people stay off the roads in Chambers County due to the major flooding.

Harvey Round II

Screenshot via NBC

Port Arthur’s Shelter was inundated and water came up to the height of the cots inside. The Mayor advised residents to call for help, but NOT to go into the attic…but people went into their attics anyway instead of heading for the roof. He asked them to not post on social media but to call in even if you have to keep trying. But in desperation, numerous residents posted on Twitter.

Beaumont, Texas, close to Port Arthur, was also hard hit, with flood waters causing 350 alligators to escape from a gator park, with the waters still rising. One picture of that said it all:

A woman with a small child died in Beaumont after she attempted to get out of her car and walk to safety. But the flood waters swept her and her 18 month old child away. The child was found clinging to her mother. The child is in stable condition, according to the Weather Channel. A second person was confirmed dead from the rising flood waters.

Lumberton, Texas, not far from Beaumont also flooded.


Featured Photo of I-10 from Twitter. Photo credit: Logan Wheat