Happy 74th Birthday, US Air Force! With a Russian Twist?

74th birthday

Happy 74th Birthday to the US Air Force! On this day, September 18, 1947, the USAF became a separate branch of the military. Prior to that it was the US Army Air Corps. The US Southern Command posted a Happy Birthday message that appeared to some to be three Russian SU-27 Flanker Jet images. From Russia with love?

The first US Military forays into the sky were with hot air balloons for oversight. When the Wright Brothers discovered airplane flight, they began to add planes. By WWII, they had created a formidable force of aircraft.

First were the normal Happy 74th birthday messages:

There were hundreds of Happy Birthday postings for them, but there was also an apparent gaffe by the US Southern Command.

To clarify- the post was by the Southern Command, not the USAF. Several Twitter users mistakenly thought the Air Force posted it.

Since Twitter was all shook up over the posting by the US Southern Command that resembled a Russian SU-27, we looked it up. The silhouette is similar. But unless the USAF has a Russian spy working for them, it’s probably just people seeing what they want to see in the image. Or the artist was drinking.

This image of the Russian SU-27 Flanker jet is similar to the US Southern Command posting.

All in all, whether someone made a mistake or not, the fact is that the US Air Force has helped defend the United States and our allies as a separate branch of the Military for 74 years. We thank you all for your service and pray that you will be able to continue the mission of protecting the citizens of the United States from harm. Fly, Fight, Win!


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