Hamburg, Germany- Man Shouts Allahu Akbar in Supermarket Stabbing

By Faye Higbee

Police arrested a “blood-soaked” man in Hamburg, Germany after he reportedly killed one person and wounded several others in a supermarket stabbing rampage. He then shouted “Allahu Akbar,” according to a witness. He was wielding what was described as a “large kitchen knife” or a “machete.”

The man, who has not yet been named, ran into the Edeka market in the Barmbek area of Hamburg at around 3 p.m. local time, stabbed one person to death, and wounded at least four others.

Then he fled the scene with several bystanders pursuing him toward the Barmbek Metro station. They tackled him and held him until police arrived to make the arrest.

The suspect was covered in blood. Police placed him in the back of the squad car with a white “spit mask” on his head, according to BILD. The Daily Mail reported that he received “minor injuries” from being held by the civilians.

Police say his motive is unclear. Arab news says his motive is unclear. But is it really “unclear?” So far, only one witness has claimed to hear the phrase “allahu akbar.”


Hamburg police gave this statement (translated):

“Friday, 28.07.2017, 19:52
Time of crime: 28.07.2017, 15:10 scene of crime: Hamburg, Barmbek-Nord, Fuhlsbüttler Street Meanwhile it is clear that the suspect attacks one of the victims in the supermarket.
This person died at the scene of crime. While trying to escape the suspect.
Passers-by were able to overpower the fleeing suspect. The suspect was lighty injured. Arriving plainclothes policemen arrested the suspect.
For the time being there are no clues.
The background of the act is yet to be explained. Investigations will continue.”

It seems that everyone is confused when jihadists do jihadist things. Certainly there are mentally ill individuals who mimic terrorist attacks, but one could suggest that jihadists are mentally ill in the first place.

The BBC stated that it might have been a robbery attempt, but the “allahu akbar” angle weeds that out. Police say they are not making a determination until their investigation is complete. At this point, none of Germany’s counterterrorism agencies are involved. Police are also assuming the knife was a large kitchen knife, not a machete.

German authorities estimate there are approximately 10,000 radical Islamists in the country, according to the Daily Mail. About 1,600 of them are believed “potentially violent.” Angela Merkel opened the borders of Germany in 2015.








Featured photo: screenshot from video by BILD.