Hamas Rockets and Mortars Hit Jewish Kindergarten

A Jewish kindergarten was attacked by munitions from Gaza shortly before the children were to arrive. It is the largest barrage of rockets/mortars at once since 2014, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Israeli Defenses took out most of the rockets, and retaliated with air strikes on Palestinian military targets.

5TownsJewishTimes reported,

“There were no immediate reports of casualties from either side after the Israeli military said more than 25 mortar bombs and rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip in several salvoes in the morning and afternoon.
[…] The Israeli military said several of the projectiles fired from Gaza were shot down by its Iron Dome aerial defense system and others landed in empty lots and farmland. One exploded in the yard of a kindergarten, damaging its walls, about an hour before it was scheduled to open for the day.”

It has become a constant battle for Israelis to have to dodge Hamas rockets and mortars, but hitting a kindergarten is horrific, even for terrorists.

Now lest you think that the “religion of peace” is just defending itself from the big bad Jews, let’s look at their own words and actions.  They openly admit their stance is not a “peaceful resistance.”

Here’s a Palestinian “kindergarten graduation” where young children are staging a mock military attack with hostage taking.

Featured photo via Twitter